Preemie doll and sleeping doll

What are preemie dolls?

They are birthdolls of premature baby’s.
A custom, hand-crocheted doll with the same head circumference, height and weight as your premature baby.
Very special to have because you soon forget how small your child was at birth..
But also to be able to show to friends and family, who may not have been to the NICU.
And of course also for your child himself, when he is a bit older…

We make them! 🙂

Would you also like to order one? Please fill in the order form below. Yes, we also ship to Belgium, Germany and France!

We make dolls up to about 2,5 kg, in light green, blue, pink, lila, dark green, wine red, ocher yellow and linen, with or without a bow. Would you like one in a different color? Almost anything is possible, just send me an email.

Furthermore, we need the length and the head circumference. Do you not know the head circumference? It should be in the medical record. A call to the hospital often works quickly. 🙂

The cost of the doll is Euro 119,95 (excl. shipping costs (for NL: Euro 5,75. For Belgium: Euro 9,75 (up to 2 kg) and Euro 12,75 (2 kg-5 kg), for Germany: Euro 10,- (up to 2 kg) and euro 19,- (2 kg- 5 kg) and for France: euro 10,- (up to 2 kg) and euro 19,- (2 kg- 5 kg).

Not unimportant: part of the proceeds goes to the Ronald McDonald children’s fund.

Because it is crocheted by hand, to size, the delivery time is 6-8 weeks.

So no waiting lists!

What is a sleeping doll?


In addition to our premature dolls, we now also make sleeping dolls, in the same colours.
I noticed very much that my son Vince had to be careful with his premature doll. Because that doll is very dear to me and has to last a while. That’s why I made a sleeping doll. He can go to bed with him, he can throw it and even grab it if he has just eaten chocolate 🙂

To order

Preemie doll

€ 119,95

(Excluding shipping costs)

Preemie doll

and sleeping doll

€ 129,95

(Excluding shipping costs)

Sleeping doll

€ 14,95

(Excluding shipping costs)

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